When it comes to distance learning there is no one size fits all solution. There are many providers. This group is therefore using several different platforms to aid communication and sharing of information.

In a sense there is no ‘actual‘ join, my aim here is to, set up and or link to some resources, that we can use. Hopefully find and share useful information.

I started off, with this by using an existing STEM focussed discourse forum [1] This is still an option for general stem discussion. I have linked to a list of the different categories found on that platform at [2] I have (with help) set up a phpbb, forum [3[ which I have added in to all the different categories of course found on the Open University OpenLearn platform. This made sense as these categories cover a lot of different subject matter.,

I would anticipate the phpbb forum be used for more than just OpenLearn or Open University study, as we can set up threads in the forum to discuss topics, or set up a thread to also link to the forum on Discourse. It should be OK to link to the other two forums listed.

I have also linked to Scienceforums [4] and LaTeX Forums {]5] as these are great for specific help.

1 Discourse forum

2 Links Page

3 Forum

Additional forums, that may be useful and complement this project. These are good for discussing specific topics or saking specific questions.

4 Scienceforums 5 LaTeX Forums

As we are all interested in distance and remote learning then the LinkedIn Teaching and Learning Online forum may also be of interest.

There is also which is linked to the IRC channel on freenode. This is again worth joining as there are lots of useful resource out there, and chatting to other learners is a great way to find out about what is available.