The idea of this group is to bring people together who are distance learning, regardless of provider.

If you need / require Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG), pastoral, financial or other advice. PLEASE contact your learning provider


How to follow this blog

** RSS Feed :** RSS Feed ** Fedi :** @studysupportgroup@personaljournal.ca

Where possible please use the hashtag #StudySupport

My vision for this project is for it to:-

  • Provide a Friendly, safe, informative and beneficial forum for discussion and learning
  • Provide access to excellent learning opportunities, resources and support
  • Be available to anyone over 18
  • Respect equality and promote diversity in study
  • Provide a way to support and encourage life long learning
  • Provide access to opportunities to learn and take part

Main rule: Don’t ask to ask, just ask 🙂

Please feel free to discuss learning opportunities that you have found so others can benefit from these too.

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